Tertensif - General Information:

A benzamide-sulfonamide-indole. It is called a thiazide-like diuretic but structure is different enough (lacking the thiazo-ring) so it is not clear that the mechanism is comparable. [PubChem]

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Tertensif - Pharmacology:

Tertensif blocks the slow component of delayed rectifier potassium current (IKs) without altering the rapid component (IKr) or the inward rectifier current. Specifically it blocks or antagonizes the action the proteins KCNQ1 and KCNE1. Tertensif is also thought to stimulate the synthesis of the vasodilatory hypotensive prostaglandin PGE2.

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Tertensif Contraindications

Anuria. Known hypersensitivity to indapamide or to other sulfonamide-derived drugs.

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