Lomotil Indication:

For as adjunctive therapy in the management of diarrhea

Lomotil Mechanism Of Action:

Lomotil is an opiate receptor agonists that stimulate mu receptors in GI to decrease the peristalsis and constrict the sphincters. Lomotil has a direct effect on circular smooth muscle of the bowel, that conceivably results in segmentation and prolongation of gastrointestinal transit time. The clinical antidiarrheal action of diphenoxylate may thus be a consequence of enhanced segmentation that allows increased contact of the intraluminal contents with the intestinal mucosa.

Lomotil Drug Interactions:

Not Available

Lomotil Food Interactions:

Avoid alcohol.
Take with food.

Lomotil Generic Name:


  • Dea No. 9170
  • Difenossilato [Dcit]
  • Difenoxilato [Inn-Spanish]
  • Diphenoxalate
  • Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride
  • Diphenoxylatum [Inn-Latin]

Drug Type:

Small Molecule; Illicit; Approved



Toxicity (Overdose):

Coma, dry skin and mucous membranes, enlarged pupils of the eyes, extremely high body temperature, flushing, involuntary eyeball movement, lower than normal muscle tone, pinpoint pupils, rapid heartbeat, restlessness, sluggishness, suppressed breathing

Protein Binding:




Half Life:

12-14 hours

Dosage Forms of Lomotil:

Tablet Oral
Solution Oral

Chemical IUPAC Name:

ethyl 1-[3-cyano-3,3-di(phenyl)propyl]-4-phenylpiperidine-4-carboxylate

Organisms Affected:

Humans and other mammals

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