Metasol TK 100

2-Substituted benzimidazole first introduced in 1962. It is active against a variety of nematodes and is the drug of choice for strongyloidiasis. It has CNS side effects and hepatototoxic potential. (From Smith and Reynard, Textbook of Pharmacology, 1992, p919)

Metasol TK 100 - Pharmacology:

The precise mode of action of thiabendazole on the parasite is unknown, but it most likely inhibits the helminth-specific enzyme fumarate reductase.

Metasol TK 100 for patients

Because CNS side effects may occur quite frequently, activities requiring mental alertness should be avoided.

Metasol TK 100 Interactions

Metasol TK 100 may compete with other drugs, such as theophylline, for sites of metabolism in the liver, thus elevating the serum levels of such compounds to potentially toxic levels. Therefore, when concomitant use of thiabendazole and xanthine derivatives is anticipated, it may be necessary to monitor blood levels and/or reduce the dosage of such compounds. Such concomitant use should be administered under careful medical supervision.

Metasol TK 100 Contraindications

Hypersensitivity to this product.

Metasol TK 100 is contraindicated as prophylactic treatment for pinworm infestation.

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Chemical structure:
N N H S N H H H H H H C10H7N3S 2D chemical structure C10H7N3S SVG | 2D structure Thiabendazole chemical names, chemical properties, classification C10H7N3S