Humanized IgG1 Mab that binds to the human interleukin-2 receptor (anti-Tac or anti-CD25). NAPA is a composite of human (90%) and murine (10%) antibody sequences. The human sequences were derived from the constant domains of human IgG1 and the variable framework regions of the Eu myeloma antibody. The murine sequences were derived from the complementarity-determining regions of a murine anti-Tac antibody.

NAPA - Pharmacology:

Zenepax binds with high-affinity to the Tac subunit of the high-affinity IL-2 receptor complex and inhibits IL-2 binding. The IL-2 receptor (Tac) subunit is expressed on activated but not resting lymphocytes.

NAPA Interactions

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NAPA Contraindications

ZENAPAX is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to NAPA or to any components of this product.

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