Nasonex Indication:

The inhaler is indicated for the maintenance treatment of asthma as prophylactic therapy. The nasal spray is indicated for the treatment of the nasal symptoms of seasonal allergic and perennial allergic rhinitis.

Nasonex Mechanism Of Action:

Unbound corticosteroids cross cell membranes and bind with high affinity to specific cytoplasmic receptors. Inflammation is decreased by diminishing the release of leukocytic acid hydrolases, prevention of macrophage accumulation at inflamed sites, interference with leukocyte adhesion to the capillary wall, reduction of capillary membrane permeability, reduction of complement components, inhibition of histamine and kinin release, and interference with the formation of scar tissue. The antiinflammatory actions of corticosteroids are thought to involve phospholipase A2 inhibitory proteins, lipocortins, which control the biosynthesis of potent mediators of inflammation such as prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Nasonex furoate has been shown in vitro to exhibit a binding affinity for the human glucocorticoid receptor which is approximately 12 times that of dexamethasone, 7 times that of triamcinolone acetonide, 5 times that of budesonide, and 1.5 times that of fluticasone.

Nasonex Drug Interactions:

Not Available

Nasonex Food Interactions:

Not Available

Nasonex Generic Name:


  • Not Available

Drug Type:

Small Molecule; Approved


Nasal spray is virtually undetectable in plasma

Toxicity (Overdose):

The potential for acute toxic effects following overdose with the mometasone inhaler is low. However, habitual overuse of the product can cause symptoms of steroid overload, including menstrual irregularities, acne, obesity, and muscle weakness. Single oral doses up to 8000 µg have been studied on human volunteers with no adverse events reported.

Protein Binding:

98% to 99% (in a concentration range of 5 to 500 ng/mL).


Hepatic. Extensive metabolism to multiple metabolites. There are no major metabolites detectable in plasma. Upon in vitro incubation, one of the minor metabolites formed is 6ß-hydroxy-mometasone furoate. In human liver microsomes, the formation of the metabolite is regulated by cytochrome P-450 3A4.

Half Life:

5.8 hours

Dosage Forms of Nasonex:

Spray Intrasinal
Ointment Topical
Lotion Topical
Cream Topical

Chemical IUPAC Name:


Organisms Affected:

Humans and other mammals

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