Benzyl benzoate is one of the older preparations used to treat scabies. Scabies is a skin infection caused by the mite sarcoptes scabiei. It is characterised by severe itching (particularly at night), red spots, and may lead to a secondary infection. Benzyl benzoate is lethal to this mite and so is useful in the treatment of scabies. It is also used to treat lice infestation of the head and body. Benzyl benzoate is not the treatment of choice for scabies due to its irritant properties.

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The mechanism behind benzyl benzoate's actions is not known. However, in light of the its effects on vertebrates, it is presumed that benzyl benzoate may act on the nervous system of the parasite, resulting in its death. In vitro, benzyl benzoate has been found to kill the Sarcoptes mite within 5 minutes.

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O O H H H H H H H H H H H H C14H12O2 2D chemical structure C14H12O2 SVG | 2D structure Benzyl Benzoate | Benzoic Acid Phenylmethylester | Diphenylacetic Acid | chemical names, chemical properties, classification C14H12O2