Generic Diphenoxylate

A meperidine congener used as an antidiarrheal, usually in combination with atropine. At high doses, it acts like morphine. Its unesterified metabolite difenoxin has similar properties and is used similarly. It has little or no analgesic activity. This medication is classified as a Schedule V under the Controlled Substances Act by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the DEA in the United States when used in preparations. When diphenoxylate is used alone, it is classified as a Schedule II.

Diphenoxylate Adverse Effects [FDA Report]

Diphenoxylate side effect

  • Dea No. 9170
  • Difenossilato [Dcit]
  • Difenoxilato [Inn-Spanish]
  • Diphenoxalate
  • Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride
  • Diphenoxylatum [Inn-Latin]

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