Generic Hydroxyzine

A histamine H1 receptor antagonist that is effective in the treatment of chronic urticaria, dermatitis, and histamine-mediated pruritus. Unlike its major metabolite cetirizine, it does cause drowsiness. It is also effective as an antiemetic, for relief of anxiety and tension, and as a sedative. [PubChem]

Hydroxyzine Adverse Effects [FDA Report]

Hydroxyzine side effect

  • Hidroxizina [Inn-Spanish]
  • Hydroksyzyny [Polish]
  • Hydroxizinum
  • Hydroxyzinum [Inn-Latin]
  • Hydroxyzine Pamoate
  • Hydroxyzine Hcl
  • Hydroxyzine Base
  • Hydroxyzyne
  • Hydroxyzin
  • Hydroxycine
  • Idrossizina [Dcit]
  • Hydroxizine
  • Hydroxine

Hydroxyzine Chemical